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The Guild Inn - History

Santa's mantle is decked for the holidays, even the mice have hung their stockings with care. December 2018
The fabulous Scarborough Ukes lead the carols with special guest Gerry Selkirk.
A merry crowd joins in the carols on the gazebo of the the Guild Inn Estate, December 2017.
Stockings hung by the fire waiting for Santa's return to Guild Park December 2017.
Musical entertainment at the Holiday Tree lighting 2017.
Jolly Old St. Nick arrives with Candy Canes, December 2017.
Our youngest Friends dance at the Holiday Tree Lighting, December 2017.
Santa Claus paid a visit to the Guild Park. Children had a chance to talk with him and put in an early request for Christmas.
Thumbs up for the Holidays! Christmas Tree lighting 2015.
Guests gathering to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or warm cider, December 2015.
Singing Frosty the Snowman. Thumpty Thump Thump! Christmas Tree Lighting at the Guild Park 2015.
Kate Kennedy, Margaret Kennedy, Lucas and George Browne join Janet Heise who read The Night Before Christmas at the 2015 Tree Lighting Ceremony at Guild Park.
Jay Moonah leads everyone is rousing renditions of Christmas favorites - Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Slient Night and Frosty the Snowman.
Mitzie Hunter MPP Scarborough-Guildwood joins Santa Claus and The Friends of Guild Park Directors wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. December 2015
Mayor John Tory and Cllr Paul Ainslie are joined by Dynamic Executives at the Guild Inn and Estates ground-braking ceremony.
Announcing the Guild Inn Estate 201 Guildwood Parkway. A new era for the Guild Park and Gardens has begun!
Artist's visualization of the planned restoration of the Bickford House and Banquet Hall and Conference Centre additions at Guild Inn Estates in Guild Park.
Artist's visualization of the front entrance of the the new Guild Inn.
Parkside profile of the planned Guild Inn Estate structure.
Lots of volunteers showed up to help plant the bulbs.
Volunteer planter holds the story of the Canadian Tulip Festival - The Bloom of Friendship at the Bulb Planting event in Guild Park.
Kathleen Holding, Guildwood Green Party Candidate discussing the Friendship Garden with Rose Mitchell Spohn, Friends of Guild Park and Gardens.
Announcing the tulip planting on October 17, 2015 at the front gates of Guild Park
John Mason speaks about the Guild Inn's WWII role (WRENS, Vet hospital before Sunnybrook opened) and Queen Juliana's stay in 1967 during her state visit to Canada. photo Andrew Macklin.
Students of Guildwood PS created hand drawn posters to invite the community to plant over 700 tulip bulbs!
Volunteers planted 700 Tulip bulbs to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII and the role Canadians played in liberating the Netherlands. photo Andrew Macklin.
Vesey's and the Canadian Garden Council selected The Friends of Guild Park and Gardens application to create a Dutch Canadian Friendship Garden. photo Andrew Macklin.
John McKay and Les Goodwin, WWII Veteran join The Friends of Guild Park and Gardens Board of Directors at the Dutch Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden Bulb Planting.
Plaque commemorating the visit of Queen Juliana to the Guild Inn, 1967.
Guild Park and Gardens, Shoreline Cleanup: Site Coordinator Rose Mitchell Spohn awarded an Honourable mention for her work and "outstanding direct action conservation efforts" in 2016.
2015 nationwide, 50,904 plastic bottle caps were collected with 21,360 of those from Ontario.
John McKay, Mitzie Hunter and Paul Ainslie join Friends of Guild Park President John Mason and Treasurer Rose Mitchell Spohn, Clean up Organizer.
Fall 2015 - Before
Spring 2015 Crew with garbage bags.
Spring 2014 - After!
Fall 2015 - After!
Weighing the garbage collected
Rosa and Spencer Clark 1932 just before they left on their honeymoon.
Conceptual sketch of Guildwood Village, 1955 - includes suggested site for a golf course, locations for planned housing, bluffs erosion prevention, modern shopping centre, chapel and amphitheatre.
Wedding Studio, former Bickford stable building, the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Former Bickford stable building, became wedding studio at the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Guild Inn/former Bickford House. Image from the Scarborough Historical Society
The Guild Inn / former Bickford home. Image from Scarborough Historical Society
Sign at gates to the Guild Inn, looking west on Guildwood Parkway. Image from Scarborough Historical Society
In it's full glory. An early promotional shot of the "Greek" Theatre on the grounds of Guild Park. Shared with the Friends of Guild Park by Fred Bate, a past President of the GVCA.
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands visits Toronto and stays at Guild Inn "a resort made fabulous over the years by owners Mr. and Mrs Spencer Clark" - Toronto Life, July 1967
Guild Inn Lucheon Menu - Tues April 18 1967 - Proudly serving Canadian produce. Grilled Ontario Lamb Chop with Sausage and Bacon $2.65!
Guild Inn, Dinner Menu, Wed. April 19 1967 - BC Salmon, Bismark Herring, Nova Scotia Scallops, Canadian Back Bacon, Oka and Scarborough Turkey
Guild Inn Memo re: Royal Visit of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, 1967
Siggy Puchta 1933 – 2015 early solo show, public works include the Ontario Police Memorial, the Fire Fighter Memorial and the Ted Rogers Memorial.
Sculptural Installation - Arrivals and Departures by John Broere, Guild of All Arts 50th Anniversary, 1982
Prince Edward Island, Bas relief Sculpture from Bank of Montreal Building, Toronto 1948 - 1972 Designed by Florence Wyle, carved by Peter and Louis Temporale
"One of the Crafts of the Guild of All Arts - Canadian craftsmen made them...unique Canadian toys designed to stimulate initiative, activity and STILL be real playthings!"
Image of the Guild Inn circa 1970. Today the Pool, Tennis courts are gone but ornamental gardens and swan fountain still remain. Patio and hotel tower extension to the right have been demolished.

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