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(UN)settled - Artist performances and intervention in Guild Park

(Un)settled was a site-specific exhibition and residency that set out to investigate and unsettle the history of the Guild Park and Gardens—formerly the Guild of all Arts—in Scarborough, which has grown from a collection of rural communities into a dense and culturally diverse urban sprawl on the eastern flank of Toronto. Working onsite as part of a series of mini-residencies taking place over several weeks, participating artists explored the Guild’s eccentric utopianism, which stands as an emblem of Scarborough’s ambitions for the 20th century. Using a variety of media and strategies ranging from performance to video and sound, participants set out to create a generative response between the modernist, urbanist and industrial ambitions represented by the former Guild of all Arts and their own aesthetic, political and social intentions. The artists’ presence and public interventions pointedly addressed a much deeper indigenous history that has been obfuscated from the site by a still-dominant colonial architecture and settler-ideology. 

Artists and students worked on site at different times for the duration of the project. Visitors attended regularly scheduled weekly events and were lead on a guided tour. Each weekly event culminated in an artist talk and a walking tour of projects throughout the park. 
(Un)settled will probed themes ranging from the indigenous history of Scarborough to the proliferation of modernism, from immigration to urban sprawl, and the underlying tensions between ecology and human intervention.
 - modifed from Curator Bojana Videkanic statement on project website

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