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Spencer Clark in the Soviet Union - curated by Eva Lau, Breithaupt-Hewetson Clark Collection, Waterloo

In the summer of 1931, Spencer Clark went on a trip across Europe as a part of a group study tour led by Dr. Sherwood Eddy. Through Spencer's travel diary, scrapbook, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, it is evident that he was greatly impressed by the Soviet Union. While Spencer's understanding should not be regarded as indicative of the typical Soviet, it is nonetheless a fascinating account of the nation's successes in the eyes of a foreigner on a guided tour. 

The Spencer Clark Collection of Historic Architecture

Rosa and Spencer Clark 1932 just before they left on their honeymoon.
Conceptual sketch of Guildwood Village, 1955 - includes suggested site for a golf course, locations for planned housing, bluffs erosion prevention, modern shopping centre, chapel and amphitheatre.
Wedding Studio, former Bickford stable building, the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Former Bickford stable building, became wedding studio at the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Guild Inn/former Bickford House. Image from the Scarborough Historical Society
The Guild Inn / former Bickford home. Image from Scarborough Historical Society
Sign at gates to the Guild Inn, looking west on Guildwood Parkway. Image from Scarborough Historical Society
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