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History, Architecture and Artifacts at Guild Park

Companion information for Guild Park Walking Tours

Information and Images explain the provenance of Bank of Toronto, Coat of Arms and Clark's "Greek" Theatre by John Mason

Perseverance to Preservation: How the Bank of Montreal Provincial Panels got to Guild Park - Slide Show curated by Kate Kennedy
Personal letters, notes and memos detail a year long negotiation for the preservation and safe acquisition of the bas relief sculptural panels we now refer to as the Provincial Panels.  Almost lost, to demolition and the stone cutter’s saw, these 18 pieces of Canadian sculptural history continue to tell the story of Toronto’s architectural and artistic past thanks to the foresight and perseverance of Spencer Clark.

Monument Walk Tour: Pamphlet form Councillor Ainslie's office.pdf

List of Sculptor's in the Clark's collection circa 1967

List of Famous Guests to the Guild Inn - Memo from Spencer Clark- List includes Glenn Gould, Lillian Gish, Alex Hailey, Sir John Gielgud, Mavor Moore, Lorne Green, Queen Juliana

The Lion the Crest and The Panels by Jack Henry, Guildwoodian

Images courtesy of the University of Waterloo, Friends of Guild Park, blogTO,

12 photo(s) Updated on: 16 Mar 2021
  • In it's full glory. An early promotional shot of the "Greek" Theatre on the grounds of Guild Park. Shared with the Friends of Guild Park by Fred Bate, a past President of the GVCA.
  • Queen Juliana of the Netherlands visits Toronto and stays at Guild Inn "a resort made fabulous over the years by owners Mr. and Mrs Spencer Clark" - Toronto Life, July 1967
  • Guild Inn Lucheon Menu - Tues April 18 1967 - Proudly serving Canadian produce. Grilled Ontario Lamb Chop with Sausage and Bacon $2.65!
  • Guild Inn, Dinner Menu, Wed. April 19 1967 - BC Salmon, Bismark Herring, Nova Scotia Scallops, Canadian Back Bacon, Oka and Scarborough Turkey
  • Guild Inn Memo re: Royal Visit of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, 1967
  • Siggy Puchta 1933 – 2015 early solo show, public works include the Ontario Police Memorial, the Fire Fighter Memorial and the Ted Rogers Memorial.
  • Sculptural Installation - Arrivals and Departures by John Broere, Guild of All Arts 50th Anniversary, 1982
  • Prince Edward Island, Bas relief Sculpture from Bank of Montreal Building, Toronto 1948 - 1972 Designed by Florence Wyle, carved by Peter and Louis Temporale
  • "One of the Crafts of the Guild of All Arts - Canadian craftsmen made them...unique Canadian toys designed to stimulate initiative, activity and STILL be real playthings!"
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