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E. B. Cox Greek God Sculptures

10 Sep 2016 12:03 PM | Kate Kennedy (Administrator)

In response to the situation highlighted in this BlogTO post  FGPG reached out to the Free the Greek Gods to suggest Toronto's Guild Park as a potential new public home for E.B. Cox's important Greek Gods sculptures. As John Mason outlined "There's already a strong connection between E.B. Cox and Guild Park. In 1979, Cox and fellow Canadian sculptor, Michael Clay, together created the Bear figure at Guild Park (see photo). The brown bear's sculpted features show the distinctive markings from E.B. Cox's air chisel. The Bear is a favourite among Guild Park visitors, especially children. Another connection is that Guild Park is home to four sculpted figures by Canadian sculptors Frances Loring and Florence Wyle, who were influential on E.B. Cox's career."  Guild Park has ample public space to display all of the Greek gods. The new Monument Walk at Guild Park would be a wonderful location for these important works. This public walk was created last year. It leads from one of the park's pedestrian entrances, through a forest and garden setting, to the top of the Scarborough Bluffs. The Greek gods would also complement Guild Park's "Greek" Theatre.. This structure was designed by Canadian architect Ronald Thom using marble Corinthian columns and arches salvaged from the 1912 Bank of Toronto Building. The Guild Renaissance Group and Friends of Guild Park are award-winning volunteer organizations active in bringing more awareness and activity to Guild Park. I'm a member of both groups and would welcome the opportunity to contact the people who've already been leading the initiative to "Free the Greek Gods." You can get more info

However, the group is hoping to see E.B. Cox's sculpture collection relocated to the Rose Garden, which is just south of the Bandshell at Exhibition Place.

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