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Spring Shoreline Clean-Up at Guild Park

  • 28 Apr 2019
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Gazebo Parking Lot - 201 Guildwood Pkwy, Scarborough, ON

Since September 2013, shoreline cleanups along Guildwood’s Lake Ontario shoreline held by Friends of Guild Park and A Greener Future (Love Your Lake Project) have removed 1,896 kg (4,171 lb) of trash (i.e., more than a two tons of trash!) as of December 31, 2018. 

What would this 1,896 kg of trash look like?  Imagine about 256 bags (67-litre size bags) filled with garbage or recycling piled in a mound covering an area about 5 m x 4 m (16' x 13').  Then throw on top two shopping carts, a shopping cart basket, a bike, 30 tires, a bike tire, some fencing, a large wooden box, a dozen or so tubs/buckets, a milk crate, 2 fire extinguishers, a plastic stepping stool, a pylon, two buoys, a gym bag, a suitcase, a grill, a rope spool, many pieces of plastic pipe, a brown Bell box, a few hundred pieces of rusty metal, and about one thousand pieces of rusty rebar. 

The Shoreline Cleanup is now recognized as one of the largest direct action conservation programs in Canada. Ocean Wise and WWF-Canada are committed to growing the program.  The Shoreline Cleanup is about removing shoreline litter to help create healthy waters for everyone, including the wildlife and communities that depend on them.

All participants under the age of 19 must have the waiver form signed by a parent/guardian. Waivers will be available on location.
To register for this event visit

Be sure to dress for being outside (layers), wear sturdy footwear and bring gloves if you have them!  Meet at the Gazebo Parking Lot 9 AM.

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