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Friends of Guild Park & Gardens welcome you to historic Guild Park - Where Art meets Nature meets Community.  Since 2013 our group of dedicated volunteers have been working with officials from the all levels of Government, community groups and the private sector to:

  • Create, organize and promote activities, programs, special events at Guild Park and Gardens
  • Assist in fundraising for the revitalization of the Park and for specific capital improvements at the Park and Gardens
  • Encourage input so the Guild Park and Gardens is enjoyed as a cultural and heritage destination on a local, provincial, national and international scale.

IMPORTANT re: Wedding and Photography Permits

All photography permits for Guild Park are handled by the City of Toronto.  For more information all the City's Information Hotline 311 or if you are outside the city limits 416-392-2489 TTY: 416-338-0889  Fax: 416-338-0685 Email:

Upcoming events

  • Thank you for visiting Friends of Guild Park we currently have no scheduled events.

Rosa and Spencer Clark 1932 just before they left on their honeymoon.
Conceptual sketch of Guildwood Village, 1955 - includes suggested site for a golf course, locations for planned housing, bluffs erosion prevention, modern shopping centre, chapel and amphitheatre.
Wedding Studio, former Bickford stable building, the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Former Bickford stable building, became wedding studio at the Guild Inn. Image courtesy of Scarborough Historical Society
Guild Inn/former Bickford House. Image from the Scarborough Historical Society
The Guild Inn / former Bickford home. Image from Scarborough Historical Society
Sign at gates to the Guild Inn, looking west on Guildwood Parkway. Image from Scarborough Historical Society

We won!

Friends of the Guild Park & Gardens are extremely proud to have won a 2013 Heritage Toronto Award!

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Contact us! We'd love to hear your stories about visiting Guild Park, the Guild Inn or the Guild of All Arts.  Please follow us on FacebookTwitter or email

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